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What We Do

Technically speaking, we're in the business of support.

Network Management

Our proactive Network Management services constantly monitor every device on your network. This means that you can rest assured that we are making sure all updates are processed in a timely manner so that your network operates at its peak performance.



Managed Services is jargon in the IT world for platforms that manage entire networks. We call ours "WIRED! Intuition", as our tools offer us the ability to fix problems before you even know they exist. Gone are the days of reactive 'band-aid' fixes. We believe in proactive support for you and your network. To achieve this, we offer unlimited on-site, remote and help desk support. All for one fixed budget friendly price per month.

K-12 Education Services

Technology in the classroom is definitely an area in which we excel. We have partnered with many schools and supported their needs throughout each school year. Whether it's the day-to-day IT support for staff, preparing the lab for testing, or installing a bell system, you are in good hands with our experienced team.

Video Surveillance

We have installed IP Video surveillance systems in many businesses and schools. They offer an incredible amount of value to our customers. Not only do they help protect people and assets, the management software offers a convenient way to review footage in the event of theft or vandalism. We are licensed by the Arkansas State Police (E08-009)



Controlling the access to your facility is important in many industries. From remotely accessible magnetic locks and door strikes to electronic key fobs and monitoring software, our Access Control services are guaranteed to make your place of business a safer place.

Network Security

Keeping your network secure is a full time job. If left unprotected, there are countless malicious programs that can negatively impact the ability of your business to function. And it's not something you can do once. We manage and ensure that your virus/malware protection is current and that your firewalls are configured to protect you and your data from any negative impact or corruption.

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